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Turn Your Copy into a Conversation

Regardless of what you’re writing – a blog post, an article, a sales message, etc. – your copy should sound personal and relevant to the person reading it. You don’t want to sound like you’re writing a textbook to a class of students or a news article to the masses. Instead, your tone should be similar to a one on one conversation with a friend.

Turn Your Copy into a Conversation

So how can you achieve this? With a little research and a healthy dose of imagination. This is one of those tricks that natural writers do without thinking about, and the rest of us can learn with just a little practice. What you’re going to do is create a “persona” of your ideal reader. For example, if you’re writing a sales letter, your persona is the customer. Hopefully you have a good idea of who your customers are, and if not you might want to engage in some research to find out.

Choose one customer: Someone who has purchased your products in the past and reads all your stuff. This person might be real or imaginary, it doesn’t really matter. Now write a bio for your customer, answering these questions: Male or female? Age? Where does s/he live? Occupation? Likes? Dislikes? Desires? Goals? You get the idea – you’re creating this person just as if they were real and sitting there in the room with you. Picture them in your mind, or choose a photo from the Internet.

Now for the fun part: Make friends with this customer. Imagine having a face to face chat about your latest product or the blogpost you’re about to write. What do you tell him or her? What questions do they have? Do they understand what you’re saying, or do they need clarification?

If you’re thinking you can’t do this, it simply means you’re out of practice. All children have imaginary conversations in their heads, and you did as well. This is your chance to let your subconscious mind go to work, filling in the words your persona would say to you in a conversation. You’ll be surprised by what you discover because you’re opening the door to knowledge you didn’t even know you had.

Now then, once you’ve got a good sense of who your persona is, go ahead and write that blog post or article or sales message directly to your persona, just as you would write a personal letter. Be sure to connect with them on an emotional as well as intellectual level. Your persona is the only one that matters when you are writing because it is just the two of you having an intimate conversation.

And if all of this sounds terribly silly, don’t worry. Just try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much better your writing can become when you’re writing to that one specific persona.

BONUS: As you get to know your persona better and better, you might try asking him or her questions and quietly listening for the answers. Your persona can tell you why your marketing is falling short, how to market your product for more sales, and even what product to create.

Once you’re well acquainted with your first persona, consider getting a second one that is quite different from the first. For example, if your niche is Internet marketing and your persona is a 50 year old male looking to make extra money to sock away for retirement, your second persona might be a 22 year old looking to earn a full time living online as fast as possible, or perhaps a newly divorced 35 year old mother of 3 trying to make ends meet.

These personas will make your writing come alive, as well as accessing useful and sometimes brilliant information and insights that take you by complete surprise and significantly add to your bottom line.

THE Formula for Business Success

Believe it or not, all success in business comes down to this one formula. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling insurance, hamburgers or lawn care. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 30 years or you’re starting your business today. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or who your customers are. This same formula brings success to every endeavor, and ignoring this formula almost surely brings failure.

THE Formula for Business Success

Big promises, huh?

Think of Occam’s Razor (also known as Ockham’s Razor) which simplified states that the simplest answer is often the correct answer. And so it is with THE Formula – there is no need for volumes of business advice when you have this simple formula and FOLLOW this formula to the letter.

Are you ready to know once and for all the true secret to business success? I’ll clue you in – I am not the first to write of this, nor will I be the last. Many others have written millions of words about it, sometimes taking an entire book to cover this simple piece of information:

THE Formula for Business Success:

Step 1: Create an Irresistible Offer
Step 2: Present this Irresistible Offer to the prospects who are hungry for it
Step 3: Sell to them again. And again. And again.

That’s it. To clarify, the irresistible offer is one that presents so much desired benefit for such a small perceived cost that prospects rush to purchase. Step 2 says to present this offer to the people who desire it. Don’t sell snow tires to Floridians, sell them to Northerners on the eve of the first winter snow storm.

And Step 3 says to hang onto those customers and sell to them time and time again. Why? Because they already know you, trust you, and like what you sell. It is far easier and far more profitable to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

So what does this mean in the world of Internet marketing? First, don’t sell something because you want to sell it. Instead, find out what your customers fervently desire and create an irresistible offer based on that.

Second, target your offer to those who are most interested. If you have a course on marketing for brick and mortar businesses, you might have to get it in front of 200 prospects to make one sale. But if it’s a course on marketing for chiropractors, you can double the price and still close 1 in 20 prospects because your offer is more tightly targeted to the exact people who want to buy it.

And third, treat your customers like royalty. Notice I didn’t say to treat them like family, because unfortunately we sometimes take our families for granted. NEVER take your customers for granted, and always share your very best insights, news and helpful tips with them so that when it is time for them to make another purchase, they don’t hesitate to purchase from you, even if you are merely the affiliate recommending someone else’s product.

Whatever you’re selling, this is the formula that will make you rich.

“But surely,” you wonder, “there must be exceptions?”

Not really. Let’s say you don’t sell anything outright, and instead you are a blogger or perhaps run a curation type of website. You still have an irresistible offer, and that is the information you are sharing on your website for free. If it is great information that is targeted to your niche, then your readers will be excited to read it and return time and time again to read it again. And surely you are monetizing the website, whether it’s through ads or affiliate products. So while your readers are returning to read, they are also sometimes clicking your ads or purchasing the products you promote.

And so it is with any online endeavor. “But I run a non-profit,” you say. Even non-profits follow this rule. The irresistible offer is the chance for the person making the donation of time or money to help a cause that is near and dear to their heart. The non-profit will be promoted only to those who have a keen interest in the cause. And if treated with care, respect and gratitude, those who donated once will likely donate again and again.

I’ll give you one more example of this formula working, this time in a non-business platform. You find the woman of your dreams, and you create an irresistible offer to convince her to marry you. Of course this offer would not work with most women, but it works with your beloved because you have caused her to fall in love with you (targeted market). And then you go on selling yourself to her for the rest of your life if you hope to have a happy marriage, and she does the same for you.

You can apply this to religion as well, and to getting your children to mind you, and even to training your pets. In fact, I can’t think of one human interaction where this formula won’t work, it’s that powerful.

But we are focused on your business today, and so here is my challenge to you: Take out a pen and paper and write down the 3 steps. Now write how you will specifically accomplish each of the three steps in your niche or your next marketing campaign. And then please drop me a line to tell me of your success, because if you do these 3 things, you will be successful indeed.

9 Tips to Sell More of Your Products

So you’ve got traffic and an offer, but the offer isn’t converting the way it should. Now what should you do?

9 Tips to Sell More of Your Products

It could be that the traffic you’re bringing to your website isn’t the right traffic for your offer, or that the offer isn’t right for your particular traffic.

Or it could be the words you’re using to sell your offer aren’t the right ones for making sales. You can have the right offer and make it to the right market, but if you’re using the wrong words you still won’t do well.

Here are tips to help you convert more of your lookers into buyers…

1. Make a SPLASH. Don’t just offer a new widget – offer a widget with a big, unique promise. Some call this the unique selling point, and others call it the OOMPH factor. Regardless, what is the big benefit of your product and what end result does it offer that makes it stand apart from all others?

2. Use a Guarantee that Captivates. Offering their money back if not happy is so ~yawn~ blasé. That’s why in ADDITION to the traditional guarantee, you also want to offer a second guarantee tied to the results, such as “If you don’t look 10 years younger in just 14 days, you pay nothing!”

Use a snazzy guarantee title, too, such as “Get 100 New Subscribers in 72 Hours, Guaranteed!” rather than “100% Guarantee.”

3. Make an OUTRAGEOUS Guarantee. How about DOUBLE their money back if it does not work? Place some type of condition on it, such as need to show they used the system or took the first step. This can actually increase sales while simultaneously reducing refunds.

And the double or triple money back if they use it and it does not perform should be used in ADDITION to the standard guarantee to maximize sales.

4. Give Awesome Freebies. Use at least one bonus that POPS – something so cool the prospect would consider purchasing just to get that bonus. Make your other bonuses tie directly in with the main offer, so that they enhance and improve upon it in some way.

Let me put it another way – if your product gives “x” benefit, then the bonuses should help the customer get “2x” benefit. For example, your product is a book on list building. One of the bonuses could be copy and paste emails the customer can use to send to the list they’re building to warm them up to buying offers in the near future.

5. Use a Mystery Gift. This is in addition to your other bonuses, and here’s the key – don’t just say they get a mystery gift because that could be ANYTHING. It could be a photo of a dirty sock or a screenshot of your grocery list.

Instead, give them a hint of what it is. For example: “You’re also going to get this mystery gift that I CANNOT reveal here, but I can give you a clue – Until yesterday it was selling for $47, and it’s going to put your list building efforts on steroids.”

6. Dummy Proof Your Offer. Whatever it is that you’re promoting, how can you make it more user friendly? That is, what checklists can you give them to improve their results? What mindmaps or flowcharts will help them to understand the material better? Do they need templates so they can easily implement what you’re teaching them?

Think of ways to make it easier for them to succeed with your product and then provide those tools. If you can make your offer user friendly and “dummy proof,” you’re bound to get more sales.

7. Limit Your Offer. Scarcity is one of the great motivators, so if you have a way to incorporate it into your offer without it looking fake, go for it.

One way is to offer a bonus limited to the next “x” number of buyers, or to limit the entire offer. Just be sure they are real limits and not the fake ones we sometimes see.

8. Continuously Raise the Price. Few things create as much urgency as a dimesale. If your price is rising with each sale, it motivates the prospect to make a decision FAST. Use a reliable dimesale script.

9. Do It For Them. Maybe you shouldn’t just be selling information products – maybe you should also offer a “done for you” solution.

For example, if you’re teaching how to set up a WordPress blog as a membership site, you could also offer the option of doing it for them. This shows people looking for the information how much they will save by learning to do it themselves, and also takes care of those who would rather pay more and let you do it for them.

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