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15 Must-Do Tips to Succeed in Business

Sometimes the answers are right under your nose. For example – what makes one person fail while another succeeds? The answers is often small differences that seem ordinary and mundane, yet are magic at creating consistent and long term success.

15 Must-Do Tips to Succeed in Business

Successful people…

1. Know their purpose. If you’re working towards your true purpose, it’s no longer work, but passion. Find your passion and you are halfway to achieving success.

2. Read stuff. No, we’re not talking about surfing the web here. Instead, find the information that will help you in your quest to get ahead and then read it.

3. Question almost to the point of being annoying. Question to clarify and to improve your comprehension. Question to find new methods, new techniques and new ways of doing things. Just because something has “always been done this way” doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

4. Ask for help. Going it alone is the macho Lone Ranger way, but even he had Tonto to help him out. Need help? Then for crying out loud, ask.

5. Have a big circle of friends. It’s hard to ask for help if you don’t have people to go to. Build a vast network of friends and associates, both in and out of your niche and Internet marketing.

6. Outsource. Whether this means hiring people locally or on the other side of the world, get others to perform tasks you’re not good at. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time to achieve mediocre results.

7. Don’t look back – much. If you wallow in the past then you’re stuck in the past. Look back only to find lessons on what works and what doesn’t.

8. Plan. What’s your vision? What are the goals you need to meet to reach that vision? And how will you achieve each of those goals? Write it down and refer back to it often.

9. Are flexible. Things change. You might find an easier way to achieve one of your goals, or you might learn that your original plan has major flaws. Don’t be bull-headed. Be flexible. Water can get past anything precisely because it is so flexible.

10. Prioritize. We tend to do things in order of time or ease. For example, you’re more likely to tackle the 30 minute task rather than the 2 hour task, or do the easy thing before the difficult endeavor. But once you prioritize and do the most important thing first, you’ll find that success naturally follows.

11. Are persistent. You didn’t reach your goal in a day or a week? They said no? Things aren’t turning out as you thought they would? So long as you don’t quit, you cannot fail. Even blind squirrels find acorns when they persist.

12. Know that failure is just a stepping stone to success. This is directly tied to #11. Just because you fail does not give you a reason to quit. Give yourself one hour for a pity part, then analyze WHY you failed and move on. Remember all the failures that went into inventing the light bulb – Edison didn’t stop until he found the right way because he knew that every failure got him that much closer to his goal.

13. Get outside of their comfort zone. You’ve never done it before? You’re nervous? You’re shy? You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and you feel like you’re going to throw up? Congratulations! You’re about to do something that is going to stretch your abilities and get you one step closer to realizing your dream, so thumb your nose at fear and just do it anyway.

14. Aren’t Scrooges. Whether it’s sharing credit, sharing your techniques for success or the fruits of your labors, share with others. It will come back to you 10 fold in the future.

15. Recharge. All work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull burnt out person. Take time to rest, get enough sleep, and spend one day a week doing something totally unrelated to your work – you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with new energy.

The #1 Factor to Online Business Success

As an online marketer, there are 3 kinds of speed you need to focus on to be successful.

The #1 Factor to Online Business Success

The speed of your customer service. If a customer emails you today, you need to answer today. If you can’t, hire a virtual assistant. If you can’t do that, then at least set up a help desk that lets customers know what hours you work, so they know when you will be getting back to them.

Your website speed. How long does it take for your website to load? For every second added to a website’s load time, the conversions decrease by a shocking 2% to 7%, and page views are reduced by 1% to 2%. That’s per SECOND. In addition, Google factors in loading speed when determining the ranking it’s going to give your website. I’m not going into a technical tutorial here, so I suggest you Google how to make your site load faster and take it from there – or suffer the consequences.

That sounded dire. Sorry. I’m eager to get to my third point, and that is:

Your own speed. When you have a great new idea, how long does it take you to act upon it? When your customer gives you a brilliant new product request, do you begin today? Tomorrow? Or do you put it off until never? When you’re in the shower and you have a brilliant thought on how to increase subscribers, do you put it into action now? Or will you “get around to it?”

I’ve found that if I don’t act within 24 hours on a new idea, I will almost certainly never act on it. In addition, if I do act but I wait until I get it perfect before rolling it out – it gathers dust and becomes a total waste of my time and resources, along with a an almost imperceptible blow to my confidence and self esteem.

I have a theory, and it’s this: Each time you have a brilliant idea but don’t act upon it, you’re one step closer to dying the death of a thousand cuts. Sure, one or two is no big deal, but they add up. Pretty soon you’ve got a long list of brilliant ideas that never saw the light of day, and you’re business is stalling.

Speed to paramount to success. You almost can’t have one without the other. I encourage you; take something you’ve learned or thought of today, and begin work on it RIGHT NOW. Outline what you need to do to get this idea off the ground, and then do the first thing on the list. When that’s done, cross it off and do the second. Have it done by tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

I guarantee; you’ll become addicted to speed and your business, your confidence and your income will thank you.

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