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3 Ways to Grow Your List and Make Money

I’m often asked two questions: “How do I build my list?” and “How do I make money quickly?” To most these seem like two entirely different problems, yet there are at least three solutions that can do both for you simultaneously…

3 Ways to Grow Your List and Make Money

Method #1:
Give a Product Away
Virally Attract Affiliates
Build Your List of Buyers
AND Make Money

You’re going to give a product away, and then you’re going to ask the people you give the product to if they would like to SELL it for 100% instant commissions.

First, give the product out in exchange for testimonials and add those testimonials to the sales page. Now set the product at a low price, $5 to $10, and ask everyone you gave the product to if they would like to promote it for instant 100% commissions. Be sure to either place your affiliate link inside your product that sells another product, or place a link to another one of your products.

Keep in mind that anyone can promote your product – even if they don’t have a list or a website – simply by sending out tweets or talking about it on Facebook. On the download page, you’re going to offer buyers the opportunity to promote the product and earn 100% instant commissions. This will keep a steady stream of new affiliate coming in and promoting your product.

You’re virally building your email list full of BUYERS, and you’re making money from that link you placed inside your product. BONUS: Also place your money making link on the download page, but be sure that the offer to promote your product for 100% commission takes precedence on the page.

It’s more important to build your list of buyers than to make quick cash, because that list of buyers will pay you over and over again.

SMART MOVE: Use your affiliate link inside the product and on the download page to promote a continuity program such as a membership or ongoing software program. This way you make extra money for several months or more, all from this one effort.

Method #2
Sell a Written Product for Cheap
Give Buyers Access To Live Course
Ask Them To Promote For You

This time you’re selling your report or other info product for $5 to $7 just to get as many sales as possible. Collect your testimonials and add it to the sales page, and now upgrade the product to a live training for 7 to 20 times the price.

Let all of your report buyers know that they will get the training for FREE, and ask them to promote the training for you at 50-75% commission. All they have to do is send people to your free webinar.

You hold the webinar, give out some great info and then promote the offer. Nothing closes more sales than live webinars because the listeners get a real feel for you and what you’re offering. Again you’re building your list of buyers and making money.

Method #3
Contact Forum Owner
Offer 100% Commissions
Recruit Buyers Into Affiliates

This is similar to Method #1, except this time instead of giving your product away, you’re going to contact forum owners (and website owners, too) and offer them 100% instant commissions if they will promote your product in banner ads on their website.

On the one time offer page, instead of making an OTO, you’ll offer the buyers a chance to sell the product for 100% commissions. Then make the same offer on the download page. Add in an affiliate link on the download page and inside the product so you make some quick cash, too.

In methods #1 and #3, the top priority is building a list of buyers you can promote to over and over again, and the second priority is making some money.

Method #2 reverses this. If you’re selling a $97 training at 50% commission, you can make some serious money fairly quickly. And you’ll still be building your list – in fact you’ll have three lists: The first list is everyone who purchased your inexpensive info product. The second list is all those who signed up for your initial webinar, and the third is a sub list of those who purchased the actual training product.

As you can see, it’s not rocket science to simultaneously build your list and make money.

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