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How to SELL Your Webinar

You hold a webinar to sell your big ticket item and…

How to SELL Your Webinar

…No one shows up.

It’s every webinar host’s nightmare.

Webinars can be hugely lucrative, IF you get people onto the call. And not just any people, either. You want hot prospects who are eager to hear what you have to say and buy the product you promote at the end.

But let’s face it – while webinars were an easy ticket to sales a decade ago, now people are burnt out on them.

“Another webinar? Yawn.”

Here’s how to get people to not only show up to your webinar, but look forward to it like a kid at Christmas, counting down the days and minutes until your webinar starts and they can soak up every juicy word.

Bold Promise with Proof

Make them a promise they cannot overlook – one that gets their blood flowing and their interest piqued. And then back that promise with proof that it’s already happening.

For example, “The exact strategy I used to make $41,000 in the last month.” Shoot a 30 second video of yourself logging into your accounts and scrolling through your sales.

Another example, “The exact diet that my 10 ‘testers’ and myself used to lose a total of 412 pounds in 31 days.” Before and after still shots are good, before and after video clips spliced into a quick 60 second video are better.

Offer them a Bribe Just for Attending

The better the bribe, the more effective it will be.

For example, “10 Strategies to make an extra $1,000 a month on autopilot.”

Of course, the product you’re selling on the webinar will offer a great deal more potential than just $1,000 a month.

A Webinar to Sell the Webinar

Okay, it’s not really a webinar, but it sure sounds like one. You make a recording in which you enthusiastically greet your potential webinar attendees and get them worked up and super excited to learn what you’ll be presenting to them.

Let them know they’re getting a ton of great information, regardless of whether or not they take the ‘advanced’ option or not.

Once you’ve got them raring to go, you direct them to sign up for the webinar.

Bullet Points

Once webinar attendees have signed up, send them a list of bullet points of all the great information they’re going to learn on the call.

Emphasize there will be a ton of great info given out during the call, enough to get them started, regardless of whether or not they take the option at the end.


If your webinar service is equipped to send out SMS messages, by all means do so. Reminding your sign-ups that the webinar is happening soon can make a tremendous difference in how many show up for the call.

Put as much effort into selling your webinar as you do your product, and you can double the attendees and sales.

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