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Surprise! One of Your Best Tools to Sell Products is…

Would you believe it’s your “About Me” page?

Surprise! One of Your Best Tools to Sell Products is...

Many marketers are shocked to discover that the “About me” page is actually one of your very best selling tools. Why is that? Because this is where your customers get to know the real you. And the more they feel like they know you, the more likely they are to return to your website, value your advice and purchase your products.

Yes, you do need to have an “about me” page, and it should be REAL. Add your name, your photo and a short bio that reads more like a story than a resume. People should be able to relate to you as a real person because then they are much more likely to want to do business with you.

Feel free to use multiple photos. For example, is there more than one person in your business? Then you should have a photo of each person, or a group shot. Is it just you? Then consider sharing a couple of personal photos, such as you with your family, your pet or your favorite toy (Motorcycle? Car?)

If it’s a hobby related website such as woodworking, then by all means have at least one photo of you participating in your hobby.

Do you have an unusual story of how you became interested or gained experience in your niche? Then share it here. Do you have some particular expertise in the niche? By all means share it.

You’re walking a line between being professional and being the guy or gal next door, and if you can achieve both then you know you’ve got the perfect “about me” page.

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